Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thieves Jargon 197

Dan Scannel made it made it worth the wait. Adam Rothstein has a bone infection. Quentin Collier has something different growing on the inside. We also have Joe Goosey, who I think is one of the more interesting poets in current operation. If you like his poem, I recommend you check out his chapbook A Comfortable Place with Regular Sunshine. In adddition, Drew Jackson's short short Sisyphus of Anacostia ends on a rare high note. And Sean Jackson's Not Even Jail take the bold move (for the online writers) of actually covering a large amount of ground.

I do hope you'll enjoy. And when you're done here, there's always Madore's Lit Dispatch, which just dropped Issue 19.

And how about a little trip through the archives, because Madore dragged me out to Amherst to hang out with Mike Young, editor of Noo Journal, where we drank beers with Mel Bosworth, and these two fellows:

Ben Kopel, whose Poem strapped to the radiator for making too much racket is one of my absolute favortes.

Gabe Durham, whose Eight Times in the Everywhere set the stage for my late-summer, 2008.

Madore left a hat in my car, which I've been wearing around. I'd like to tip that hat to Andy Riverbed, whose blog I'd be happy to shamelessly rip off any old day. Hope you make it up to Boston, even though the winters would destroy you.

In the meantime, Joel Van Noord's book "Surf Music Travel Sex" should secure agency representation in the next few months, and Kenneth Mulvey's new poetry manuscriupt is sitting on my desk as well. Plenty to do, plenty to get done...