Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thieves Jargon 199

I'm pretty sure I sent the singer in the band above a copy of "Kittens in the Boiler" when it came out. You can plainly see the influence in the scene.

Welcome to Thieves Jargon 199. Scannell brought together some interesting fiction that I really enjoyed. Stove Hands starts with a guy burning his hands on a stove and gets weirder from there. Danny Sadsack and Razor Wire give the the gift of the city. Matt Salesses has Epidemics stories popping up like funky rashes, and I like seeing one in TJ.

As for the poetry, a lot of sex, only nobody's having any fun. Miller Daniels dick poems always make me laugh, I kind of wish I knew about somebody paying homage to the female anatomy these days quite like Carl dedicates to the men.

In other news:
Joel Van Noord acts like a woman.

Mark Baumer is walking across the country.

Cats are pretending Natasha Henstridge's death had an important impact on their lives.

Headz the Novel by John Colagrande has sparked a bidding frenzy.