Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Market research

I picked up a quick freelance gig running market research for a new magazine that's getting started. I've run some focus groups for my job, rounding up reviewers and having them read chapters of upcoming textbooks, but I think I mostly got this gig because I'm tied in to an awesome network of responsive and thoughtful readers, some of whom might even fit into the target demographic. The magazine's mission statement is something to do with helping city-dwelling young professionals as they adjust to being out of college and poor. Right. I believe there's supposed to be some hipness, some edge involved.

Any thoughts on the following potential titles?

-- Swipe
-- Mooch
-- Thrive
-- Float
-- Cellar
-- Loot


andy.riverbed said...

loot's the best of those in my opinion

Steve Barker said...

I like Float. I've been out of college almost 5 years now and I'm still struggling to stay afloat.

Anonymous said...

Swipe sounds dirty
Mooch is negative
Thrive is unrealistic
Float is, well, aquatic
Cellar is for wines and people still living w/their parents
Loot makes me think of the LA riots or a bank robbery

How about Scrape or Scratch?

Anonymous said...

i like float. but for a different reason than the first. loot is cool cause it's a verb and a noun. none are that great. why the one word thing. all things hip today are long nonsense things like "tv on the internet"

Anonymous said...

Most of these are pretty crappy. Just get rid of Thrive, since that misses the mark for demographics of young, hip, and urban. Everything else you could at least shoehorn a little bit. I suggest "Cheap Date."

Matt DiGangi said...

Thanks to everybody that weighed in.

They went with Thrive.

Jake Moon-Fry said...

Lame. How about "lame"?

Thrive is too on the nose for the hipsters it looks like they're after.

What about "Jargon"?