Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Removal

I always find it funny when an author asks me to remove something they've had published in Thieves Jargon. It's usually because A) they're looking for a job and don't want future employers to see what they think is funny, B) their work has been accepted in a print publication that doesn't want to print previously published work and they don't know about this one yet, or C) I said something that pissed the author off and they're going to show me who's really boss. In case A, I can usually convince the author to go with a pseudonym, which will preserve their honor but keep TJ without having to show a gaper in the archive.

Just now is the first time something like this has happened:

Xxxx Xxxx, a poet, who's work was previously published on your site has passed away and in keeping with the wishes of his family, it would be greatly appreciate it if you would remove any biographical information or archived works by him from your site.

Well, that's fucked up.

The author in question sent in this one piece in 2005, and as far as I can remember, I never heard from the guy again.

In keeping with the family's wishes (although I certainly hope it's just an author looking for a job and using a creative excuse), I'll pull down the piece tomorrow. However, I can't just pull the piece down with no notice; it feels wrong to remove a writer's words forever without one last chance for people to catch a look.



andy.riverbed said...

good stuff, sucks that it has to go down like that.

renaissance jones said...

maybe he's about to marry on of the australian chicks

Brian Fugett said...

HAHA! i am shocked it has taken this long for a REMOVAL request at TJ! I have endured this bkatant kind of BULLSHIT NUMEROUS times at Zygote. Sometimes it is legit work application/google search related and other times it's just some complete asshole looking to get something in PRINT who is scared shitless the editor will google them and find the damned poem has ALREADy been published online. And a couple of times, i have found that it is just some complete dick head who has nothing better to do than try to make me revise BACK ISSUES of Zygote online.

I highly doubt that the family of someone who has passed away would care enough to contact you or TJ about removing a fucking story or poem from online. That would be the last thing on the minds of the grieving family members. I mean seriously, if that is really the family WISHES of a deceased poet and writer, then they have to be like the most self-conscious and anal family in the small press universe--as this IS the small press! Geez,man! I suspect this was a totally fraudulent request form someone who didn't have the balls to fess up.