Monday, October 20, 2008

The phonies?

When Zygote went down, somebody said maybe it was because there are a ton of phony writers running around. I've been thinking about that for a few days now, but outside of myself, I don't feel like I even know one.

I'd love to disagree with some people though.


Brad D. Green said...

What's a phony writer? Someone who purports to be a writer yet doesn't write, possibly doesn't submit, workshops the same story over and over...etc? That's the only definition that makes sense to me.

Any other definition might easily veer toward elitism. That sort of elitism is generally unwarranted. Authors who become wildly successful are most often highly conscious of where they came from, I think, and not so quick to flip their wrists at the ones still toiling in the underbelly.

scoop poop said...

phony rappers be like soljah boy compared to the cool kids and tribe.

i'm sure there is a parallel.

Anonymous said...

What is your definition of a phony writer? Isn't good writing simply good writing, and isn't it worthy of publication? Wouldn't a phony writer's success be dependent on a phony editor? I don't believe that Brian was a phony editor.

Are we talking about pen names? Again, good writing is good writing, right?