Thursday, October 30, 2008

Zombie vs Shark

Happy Halloween, everybody. Watch any good horror movies this year?

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Mike Boyle said...

I don't get those "Saw" movies, they're stupid. George Romero continues to rule, "Land of the Dead" kicked ass. The original "Amityville Horror" is still way creepy,the music too, and, although the Halloween movies seem kinda tame now, Carpenter's soundtrack to the original Halloween is still great, creepy as all hell.
The original Salem's Lot, with David Soul was great... the re-make sucked big-time.
I like horror movies better than anything, zombie movies, the whole lot. That "Wrong Turn" movie was pretty bad/good, in a B-horror way..., who can argue with mutant inbred cannibals. Not I... they seem more realistic than the people in the news...