Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steve Young's Best of 2008

West End by Dakota Harper
Acrobats Apprentice by Ben Tour

My Trick by Justin Hyde
Morning Routine by Linwood Rumney
Three Times I was Mean by Meg Pokrass

Off the Map by Steve Youn--oh, nevermind. that's me...
Ms. Fix 2003 by Brian Rentchek
Paris, France Son of a Bitch by JP Gritton
Pretend I'm Your Friend by Mary Beth Caschetta
Pericho by Thom Young

Why? Cuz' I liked em. I remembered em. I'm a little buzzed so I'll cut myself off there. Happy Holidays to you all.


Spencer Troxell said...

You stopped writing on your blog because you were buzzed: If only I possessed the same self restraint more often.

You're a role model to me.

Dan S. said...

"Pericho" is a good one. I like: "They had a small family funeral in Texline. Jan cried. Then she got hungry."

xtx said...

"Pericho" is how I 'met' Thom Young...via tell him how much I liked it.

Yay Thom!

thom young said...

hey xtx is my new cool friend