Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The world isn't ready for this social critic

The Damned Human Race


Spencer Troxell said...

you were right. I do like this.

Matt DiGangi said...

"Hey DiGangi, what do you think? Should we worship God, or just love him?

Never mind Nietzsche, he was just a hack."

People who believe in God are no different than people who believe in the yeti and werewolves.

Faith ("I can't prove it but I know it to be true") is somewhat offensive to me. I lump the religious in with homophobes, racists, misogynists, and Mather.

Matt DiGangi said...

"Glad you're "somewhat" offended. Way to make a stand."

Well, right, a lot of people I respect are very religious, so if I made a stand I could lose some good friends. Not everybody I know subscribes to the same blinding logic as me. I'd rather let, say, a girlfriend's parents have their belief in Christ the Eternal Savior instead of stirring trouble and destroying their belief system.

andy.riverbed said...

i like to let people be. i don't like to impose my values or belief on others, and that's why i get nasty when people impose their shit on me.

renaissance jones said...

The most annoying people in the world are those that "take offense." Being offended causes nothing but trouble and blocks the truth out of any discussion.

We must walk on egg shells so those that "take offense" don't end up with hurt feelings.

I don't give a damn who or what people believe in, but I know that if folks stopped taking so much damn offense, the ancient superstition and silly dogma of the worlds religions could be discussed openly.

Imagine how cool it would be if you could make 1 die-hard christian realize that if they were born in Iran they would be a die-hard muslim?

Alas, you can't even have these types of discussions without someone getting their punkbitchbaby feelings hurt.