Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thieves Jargon now publishes on a monthly basis. Eight or so stories and poems every thirty days. Read. Digest. Read. Email the writers. Think about that thing you've got on the back-burner. Blast open the back of my skull. We exist in or amongst a glut. Thieves Jargon is melting the fat. Recall Beckett: “Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.”

Tighter and stranger.

Dan Scannell
--Ed., Thieves Jargon


andy.riverbed said...

word. i was wondering why nothing was changing.

Jenny Lewis said...

What are you changing? Who do you think you are changing? We can't change things we're all stuck in our ways.

JTK said...

"Thieves Jargon"
by Jeff T. Kane

Thieves Jargon used to be a hot slut who fucked everybody
then one day she got old and decided it was time to be a virgin again and date a rich dorky guy who could provide security.

Now she sits there in her luxury condo shopping at Saks and putting her kids in all the best private schools while paying somebody to decorate her new house in East Hampton.

But Thieves Jargon, you don't think I know what a whore you really are? That's why I spit in your face when I pass you on the sidewalk. Deep down you know you are still that dirty whore stop pretending you have class.

andy.riverbed said...


would you be interested in submitting shit for me to translate?

feel free @

andy.riverbed said...

new issue up and it's awsome. well at least the poems. i'll get to the prose soon enough.