Monday, August 3, 2009

Vanguard Creates Video Game to Promo New Title

There should be more action like this. Good video games are story-based, but they're so poorly written most of the time.Publishing / video game crossover.


mather said...

These kinds of games are for children and monkeys, to see how smart they might you admire this kind of thing?

Spencer Troxell said...

I miss the old school Lucas Arts adventure games. 'Day Of The Tentacle', 'Grim Fandango', 'Sam and Max'...good times.

Matt DiGangi said...

Robot Odyssey and Zork are the first ones I remember playing. Command and Conquer was the last. Not much time these days, but I might try to get in a little Super Tennis next week. Been in front of a glowing screen since about second grade.

JEW said...

Mather, video games have been shown to be a great help with overcoming developmental delays in children with Down Syndrome and other mental handicaps. Also many skilled surgeons spend hours playing video games to keep their hand eye coordination sharp. I only play 1943 though, at some douchebag bar in Williamsburg.

That new Batman Arkham Asylum game looks fun as hell though but I really can't afford an XBox.

Steve Barker said...

i bet Mather is so cool he doesn't even own a TV. After reading all his post i felt obligated to read some of his work. I read his My Favorite Bullet poems and I’m a little disappointed. Then I went back through the post and saw this quote

“The language in the poem is sloppy, uninspired”

he’s talking about a Riverbed poem in this. I don’t really have an opinion on Riverbed. I’ve only read a little bit of his work and what I’ve read I’ve like.

But to call someone else’s work uninspired, look in the fucking mirror. Mather writes nothing but uninspiring prose poems. Nothing moved me and nothing will be remembered tomorrow. For someone with so much ego, he has zero to back it up. Maybe he’s looking for haters to read his work, I did, but shit, it was poorman Bukowski like half the other shit out there.

PS – I’m not part of this “crowd” you keep talking about. TJ rejected me about 10 times before I ever got something published.

What do you think is your best poem? Please post a link so we all can see.

mather said...

You'll have to hunt it up for yourself, Steve. And I'll hunt up you...isn't this fun?

mather said...

If I'm a "poor man Bukowski" who wrote this?:


my speakers play
Velvet Underground
and my coffee table has a pen
stolen from
Bucca De Bepo
an empty pack of smokes
and a full one
DVD remote
2 Bic lighters
and 2 Miller High Life cans
16 ox
one's an ashtray
a pad
a jar of grass
an envelope filled with submissions
an empty wine glass
next to another pen
whose origin I don't even know
my cell phone
a TV Guide
and a bottle of Whiskey
almost done
less than 1/2 an hour left to its life
and keys to my place
my key chain
but to a woman I love

renaissance jones said...

Hell yeah! 16 oz cans of High Life make my world go round.

Let me save you all some trouble:
Getting into a posting match w/Mother is useless. He will never say anything constructive. He'll just accuse you of being part of some imaginary "in crowd" and then masturbate while he pictures DiGangi and Riverbed 69ing in his mind.
Then he will Google your ass and read your stuff and THEN he will send you random e-mails congratulating you for getting into a mag and/or giving your work backhanded compliments.
He is just kinda sad and pathetic. Now if he could only get some of those feelings on paper his poetry might not be so flat.

mather said...

Renaissance you are such an idiot. You refused to ever talk to me directly but you never refrain from putting your comments out there. If we were sitting at the same table you would ask the person next to me to please hand you the salt, and then mutter out the side of your mouth something derogatory about me. But I'M SAD AND PATHETIC! It's ok, you can talk to me directly, no one will think less of you. At least I won't.

Also, telling other people not to argue with me is lame. Just because you can't outwit me doesn't mean others shouldn't try.

Barker said...

That is a pretty weak poem, I can admit that. It’s also about 4 years old and I’ve grown out of my Bukowski-wannabe stage. I think every aspiring writer goes through a moment when they try to emulate Buk, but the good writers grow out of that. Plus, I don’t go around talking shit about other people’s work. With the amount of shit you talk I was expecting your writing to be brilliant, but it’s just okay. I’m sure you can fire off 10 of those poems a night. Good for you.

andy.riverbed said...

mather, you should collect all the comments you post around in a collection with their responses. i'd be interested in reading that. if you would do that i would promo it on the Manual, which i know you adore, don't you?. when i said thanks when your comment, i meant it. before i posted thanks, jaja, i laughed-out-loud, sincerely. not the kind of laugh one does when one finds out that a local police officer embezzled 45 grand of the state's money to fuck thirteen old hookers and all he got was probation and now isn't allowed to transit the prostitutive areas. it was a genuine laugh of, "damn, that was funny as hell." quit writing poetry and just give in to your destiny. be a critic, suits you well.

mather said...

Well, Steve, you're talking shit now aren't you?

Actually, I believe many, many aspiring writers never even read Bukowski...

Anyway I'm happy to see you're more sophistercated now and don't emulate Bukowski anymore. When you read my new 2 full length books coming out you can tell me if I've gotten beyond Buk or not.

mather said...

One more thing that has been bugging me: if I'm a "poorman's Bukowski", what/who would be considered a "richman's Bukowski"?

JTK said...

I would think Michael Madsen (Mr. Blonde) he published a book of poetry years ago that blows away anything Bukowski did.

Alcoholism does not make for good writing and I hate how Bukowski contributes so much to that stupid fantasy.

crackers said...

denis johnson's poetry is very good. actual air was great. that's it though.

Spencer Troxell said...

Good thoughts JTK. I hope you weren't being ironic.

I've never really cared for Bukowski.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate drinking. I can't say it ruined my life because nobody forced me to do it but it did make it a lot easier to fuck up.

Anonymous said...