Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wet and Dripping

"Wet and Dripping" is a chapbook by Joseph Goosey, who is a poet I like a lot. He's kind of all over the place, but he's weird and sad and romantic. I think he writes sex about better than anybody else.

"Forget your fingers.

They will be discovered
in the next county
and used by someone
who is in dire

Here's a non-TJ poem for those crying out "Favoritism!"

And here's the link to Shadow Archer Press, which has the book. $7.

Oh yeah, the cover art is done by a former TJ artist named Darren Hopes.


JTK said...

Check out my awesome tribute to Katy Perry.

Nathan said...

That's some deep dicking.

Joseph said...

thanks for the repping Matt. really glad you enjoyed W&D.

I'm watching The AVN awards right now, on Showtime, it's really something everyone should see.

Detector said...

puppehs and kittehns

mather said...

What does "favoritism" mean except that this is your favorite? He writes about sex better than anyone you know feel sorry for your girlfriend...or's hard to criticize your hyping of Goosey without criticizing Goosey himself...well, ok, Goosey sucks...I mean it's a cute name and fun to say...Goosie, goosie, goosie...but, really, are you serious?

Detector said...

God damn it Mather. I thought me and you wuz gonna team up butt style.

Nathan said...

Bobbi Starr.

Detector said...

Check out my blog. I posted an old story about Matt DiGangi that is totally true.

Here is an excerpt:

"I base it all on personal feelings," says DiGangi, "Like you Jeff, you're a shitty writer and your stories are boring, but you are also a cool guy."

"I get it."

"Take a genius like Willie Mayes Hayes. As brilliant as he is I just get jealous of him when I read his submissions. Also, he is an outspoken baseball player
and refuses to kiss my ass. In other words, not Thieves Jargon material."

"Ha ha ha," I say, "no one wants to read good stories anyway."

"Ha he he ha! Thieves Jargon is a weekly load of crap," says Rick DiGangi.

P. H. M. said...

It's great to have Kane back. -PHM unating

P. H. M. said...

okay bought it. -phm insesost

Detector said...


mather said...

Detector, as far as I know you haven't even asked me out on a date.