Thursday, October 22, 2009


My kids someday will be doing stuff I’ll never understand. People ten years younger are already leaving me in the dust.

If you haven’t already, check out Andy Riverbed’s blog. He doesn’t update often, but when he does, it’s an event. Embedded music, translations, links to his own work, links to other people’s work. In a lot of ways, this is better than a literary journal, it’s more of a magazine. Punk rock aesthetics. I’m especially enjoying his new collection up at Read Some Words, a journal I haven’t heard about until now but which publishes some poet I admire. The poems inMissed Connections and Casual Encounters were all published originally in that cool journal Craigslist. Public performance at its finest.

Now Madore’s Dispatch has incorporated audio, with original songs included with each issue. Issue 14 gets me excited because the author, Ian Singleton, is in the writing portion of the grad program I’m a part of, and I’m pretty good friends with the girl who edited the piece. He’s also getting his work out there.

And somewhere down the road, once I get Mark Baumer’s new book. Wait, Mark Baumer has a new blog about life as a getting-paid member of the Brown University MFA program?

“We are selfish and feel entitled to add to the world's clutter. It is our right to do exactly what we love, and to do it as well as we please.”


Joseph said...

Missed Connections And Casual Encounters is the my jam. I really enjoyed that shit.

crackers said...

the links aren't done right.

is it dumb that everyone has a blog? should everyone have a blog? is it essential if you're a writer?

Detector said...

Nick Cannon has a blog my nigga!

nick cannon said...

who is nick cannon

Matt DiGangi said...

Thanks Crackers, I fixed the links, not sure why they changed how to do HTML.

If you have a blog then you don't have to worry about other people saying the things you would like to be said about you.

Of course, then you open the door for people to call you a faggot and say shitty things about your family, so you very well might be better off not having one.

Detector said...

Self-pity. Leave some for the rest of us DiGangi and Mather. Do you have to be such gluttons?

andy.riverbed said...

thanks for the props.