Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thieves Jargon 201

Any thoughts on Thieves Jargon 201? I'm personally trending toward Robert Kloss' The Loam (where the hell did that come from?) and Megan Roth's two poems, in specific, "The Airshells."

As always, I leave the rest of the discussion up to you.


Detector said...


tetman said...

crack open the language
and plug in the jacks

see what signals cross the wires

cleave the meat and beat it

mather said...

I'm sorry you are dying, Thieves Jargon, like a horse in a field. You're buzzard bait, Thieves Jargon, and I'm sorry, I really am.


NOT said...

dang, sick "Not" joke.

that is a black shirt NOT.

that shirt is NOT black.

also, Incorrect period use (that's what she said?) after field, buzzard bait should join 'like a horse in a field.'

Major Bummer said...

Loam is nice

Anonymous said...

when i fuck chickens they squawk squawk squawk.

when i fuck ducks they quack quack quack.

when i fuck t-rex they snap snap snap

when i fuck goats they bleat bleat bleat.

when i taste chocolate it tastes good.

also, i cannot taste the taste that i keep tasting.

there is a substantial lack of intellectual capitol going on. where is that spencer guy?

mather said...

Incorrect period use? Now, I am not an academic, but I do know that a period comes at the end of a sentence. 99 percent sure of that.

crackers said...

you suck mather.

mather said...

Another scathing cut-down by crackers.

giggles. said...

that was my first.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have that growing up. Fart culture. But I appreciate it.

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