Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letter to --Ed.

Fagit, what's up witha ll the political talk?

Well, I was hoping my solicitation for questions would draw out more than closet homophobia, but I'll gladly field this question. It's a multiple-part answer.

1. I wouldn't consider myself to be overly political, but I do work on political science textbooks, so I will cop to being aware of the world around me.

2. The night George Bush II won his second election, I was living in Phoenix, drunk off my ass on whiskey. I put up a post on the original Thieves Jargon message board, the title being "Four More Years..." When you clicked on it, the message said, "...of Thieves Jargon. Six month anniversary coming soon!" Click here to read the six month anniversary of Thieves Jargon. In two months, we'll be able to say we outlasted GWB.

C. George Bush is the biggest piece of shit I've had the mispleasure of being aware of. I hope he dies very soon, and then I hope they throw his nude corpse on top of a landfill where hoboes are able to piss and wine-shit all over it while their dogs nibble away at the sweet parts. Then, I pray to Lord Christ above that Dick Cheney's body is encapsulated in an enormous cesspool underneath Disneyland Anaheim where impressionable youth point and ask daddy and mommy about the encrusted mummy while smearing rainbow sprinkles and soft-serve yogurt all over their dimpled cheeks.

4. A vote for John McCain is a vote for ignorance, greed, and short-sightedness. Sorry, dickhead. After 8 years of George Bush, you're gonna have to pay some higher taxes. It's time to pay up.

5. No more talk about politics so long as somebody wants to talk about writing. I'll do a book review tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i bet that guy from bret easton ellis' PYSCHO would really like to fuck sarah palin's vagina with a knife.

also, unlike the potential commander in chief, i was against the bridge to nowhere before i was for it.

Mark said...

I kind of liked GW
I like to think the version of him in Harold and Kumar 2 is true.

Dan S. said...

Two apolitical Questions:

How do you feel about the internet as a medium at this point?

Would your future projects seek the same style that Thieves Jargon has? Raw, experimental etc? Would you push it into a particular direction?

Mike said...

GWB is the worst president in my lifetime, maybe of all time, and McCain wouldn't be much better.
I hope Obama gets elected, he's got my vote, but, you know what? I don't see much changing. I see some temporary glee with a new admin, but this country is way to polarized with way to many stupid people not to mention entrenched lobbies...

Matt DiGangi said...

Dan S.,

Your questions are thought-provoking. I'll address them at a later date in separate posts.