Thursday, September 18, 2008

On quoting

One of my favorite parts of posting each new piece is picking the quote that shows on the front page. It's a good trick trying to find the sweet spot, being a well-written line that perfectly defines the piece. What I really like about Rachel Toliver's poem today is that pretty much each of the stanzas could have been the quoted line. It's rare that happens. In my opinion, one of the more solid poems we've run in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Here's a "sweet spot" quote from an anonymous 21st century writer/poet:
"All these strict standards have been keeping me celibate, but we all need our excuses."

Anonymous said...

The quote is one "trick" you are demonstrably great at. The blog seems to be going great. One thing that worked so well though it wasn't premeditated) and partly accounted for our top-notch interview (at Outsider Writers) was the long gaps between Q & A: the feel of the letting.

(yes- you're GOING to be great)

Matt DiGangi said...

Anonymous #1: There's nothing poetic about using the word "all" twice in a sentence. As an editor, that's maybe one of my biggest peeves, when somebody uses the same word twice in a sentence. I do it all the time. Also, the words "maybe" or "seems." Whoever that anonymous writer is, they should stop feeling guilty for having standards and sticking to them.

Anonymous #2: Do you think a less-frenetic posting schedule is the way to go? Don't worry, the adrenaline of something new can only carry you so far.

Anonymous said...

Yes- it seems this is less frenetic than the old board, and more thoughfull and thought-provoking in the Q & A. It feels like the driver is steering, so to speak. But as for TJ being a daily - that also works, if that's a question.

Onward and upward yes,