Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soft Skull

(from Publisher's Weekly)

Richard Nash will step down as editorial director of Soft Skull Press and executive editor of parent company Counterpoint March 10. Nash joined Counterpoint approximately 18 months ago when he sold the financially struggling but highly regarded Soft Skull to Charlie Winton’s Counterpoint. The purchase gave the Berkeley, Calif.-based Counterpoint a New York office and in a release Winton said he intends to keep an editorial office in New York and to maintain the Soft Skull imprint.

Both Winton and Nash said Soft Skull is now on sound financial footing, with Nash calling 2008 Soft Skull’s “best financial year ever.” He said he was grateful for the reprieve Counterpoint gave to Soft Skull’s writers and readers, but said, “It is time to let Soft Skull move onto the next phase of its existence, and to allow me to take on the new challenges our industry is facing.” The departure of Nash does not come as a surprise to many in the indie press world who have been speculating for several months that Nash was looking to getting back to try something new.

Nash told PW, "This is about the future of publishing. I really want to be engaged in helping figure out a new model for independents. And I am enormously optimistic. I'm not going to do consulting or freelancing, in the sense of eupemisms for 'I don't have a clue' or 'I'm getting the hell out of publishing,' but as a way of doubling down, betting it all on the future of publishing, and it's easier to bet if you have a clean slate rather than a legacy project." Nash also indicated he looks forward to having time to "play with others," after working "70-hour weeks for eight years inside the Soft Skull pod."


ass puppet said...

soft skull always seemed like a pretty cool and very legit thing. don't they publish little pocket size chomsky lectures? or is that someone different. anyway

seems like it's right up your alley, digangi.

Mike said...

Soft Skull was one of the places I queried years ago for a novel I eventually realized was crap, after many rejections.

Query, ha. I did not know how to write a dang query.

Soft Skull is such a cool name. And they always seemed adventurous, willing to take risks, with what they published.

Anonymous said...

has anybody read a soft skull book?

Matt DiGangi said...

Absolutely not, but I've seen plenty of them. Slick layouts and hip authors. I think they're publishing Jeff T. Kane's next book.

jtk said...

I actually contacted Eraserhead Press about something but haven't heard back. I did make the top eight in some valentine story contest didn't win though but at least I think the story was decent. It was actually about AIDS sort of. I just spent three days in the Tombs. It amazes me they can charge you with possession just cuz you are standing next to somebody holding a roach. I had nothing on me. They would have let me out right away if I plead guilty but fuck them. Let them prove it to a jury if they want to waste the money.