Monday, February 23, 2009

Submissions open again, new poetry editor

Jake Mooney has left his post as poetry editor. Jake was huge, and he had been editing at TJ for like three years. Gonna miss him. Check out his poetry book, which was among the better things I read last year. "New Layman's Almanac."

Taking his place will be Spencer Troxell, who we've been publishing almost since we started. I think Spencer has a pretty good sensibility. I have his blog (medicine cabinet) linked from the front page of TJ now. He's thoughtful and kind of still a kid. I think it'll be a fine fit.

Unsolicited submissions are also open again.


Brad Green said...

I'm curious. Why the shift in policy again? Was the other one not working out the way you wanted?

Matt DiGangi said...

Sometimes it's set in stone and sometimes in needs to be messed with.

I actually liked how the invite-only way was working. But change is coming and it's time to start getting ready.

bah said...

the medicine cabinet is a cool blog. not a bad name either.