Friday, April 17, 2009

afternoon drinking is okay

Andy Riverbed's new ebook is a story about his recent trip to the slums of Puerto Rico. Click the link to read it on Everydayyeah.

Kudos to Mark Baumer for designing the ebook. I like the presentation a lot. It seems like pretty much the best way possible to present 8000 words through html. Throw in some gimmickry, one of the more interesting young writers working today, and you have a winner.


Mike said...

Oh, yes! Very nice layout, like what I've read so far...

mather said...

What is the point of having all those chapters labeled? How does that possibly help anything? This is a book? Seems more like a journal that should have washed out to sea.

Matt DiGangi said...

I only read half of it at first and then I had to come back later; the chapter numbers helped.

Mark said...

I think digangi answered the question about having the chapters labeled.
As for the question 'this is a book?'
Ideally, if the internet didn't exist this story, if it wanted to be published would have been tucked away in a short story collection or something, but the internet exists. Unfortunately, I doubt half a person would ever give a second look to an 8000 word story laid out on the internet in one chunk. I decided to break it up in bits, hoping the bits would grab people's attention.
As for questioning the writing quality, please send me something better if you want and maybe we can work together on the next project.