Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Runner vs Gonzales

Something to accompany Jason Huskey's poem.


Jason Huskey said...

Thanks, Matt!

crackers said...

i wanna see madore v. mather. those cartoons were better i was a kid. heard cohen is coming out a with new movie in oct. called 'the serious man.' or something. he's also a poet, william h macy read ethan cohen's poem entitled 'the drunk driver is always right' today on npr. it rhymed a little.

mather said...

Crackers, you aren't going to see anything from me here for more than a few minutes, before DiGangi zaps it off with his stink-finger. But those few minutes of fame sure are fun! I wonder if DiGangi and Madore have discussed me (mortal enemies who drink beers together) and decided I'm not worth their time?

By the way, that latest poem on the site is pure adolescent writer-wannabe scat. I've told Troxell the same. How original, a midget! How wacky and zany! Exciting stuff, as deep as a kiddy pool full of prepubescent jism. Don't you realize when you give beginning poets early praise it stunts their growth? Or is that your goal?

renaissance jones said...

Fuck Madore and Mather. Both are unjustifiable blowhards screaming about how other folks work or magazines suck.
Madore screams conspiracy when he can't get into a mag, and Matherfucker thinks talking shit about other writing somehow makes him "controversial."
Gimme' a fucking break.
At least Madore has some halfway decent stuff, and I picture him as still young.
Mather I picture as a much older prick; trying to compensate his lack of JAZZ with idiotic, vitriolic blog posts.
Two Wile E. Coyotes blubbering about how overrated the roadrunner is.
And here I am, typing away about both of them. The dumb-fuck coyote finally wins.