Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talk about well-rounded

Check out Dave Morrison's poetry in today's update of Thieves Jargon. Then go back and check out some of his prose, starting with the first part of Bone Hunger.


renaissance jones said...

Good stuff.
Especially the prose.

jtk said...

What is it with fear of technology? Isn't that a little archaic? I mean wasn't the whole fucking point of T2 that when Arnold melted himself in that really sad scene it would prevent the Skynet thing from being created and save the future? T3 wasn't a sequel so much as an appendix and now Christian Bale's talent is wasted once again on some big budget comic book type crap. At this rate he's going to die with American Psycho as his peak. Ten years from now he's going to be taking roles in low budget indie films for free just to establish his acting credibility again. Sylvester Stallone was never able to shake off his Rambo image even when he turned in low key Oscar worthy performances like in Copland. Anyway fear of technology or fantasies about sentient computers turning against man are so dated. Technology is only as bad as the people who use it. Terminator Salvation just looks like some boring ass space war movie with the terminator name brand stuck on it.

Dave said...

I had no idea the poem was about that.

jtk said...

No i wasn't posting about your poem. It's just there's no message board and I felt like posting a random comment and this was the easiest place. Poetry is for gays, I don't read it unless it's Lady Lazarus.