Monday, July 27, 2009

Weird name

"In Penguin's own release, US ceo David Shanks Shanks notes, 'We achieved a reduction in returns in both our frontlist and backlist businesses'... eBooks do now exceed 1 percent of sales, though the company isn't saying by how much. In the US Penguin has 7,400 ebooks available and expects to have 10,000 titles by later this year."


andy.riverbed said...

what are you implying?

come clean with it boy. no walks around the puddles. jump into the lake!

Anonymous said...

what's the deal with TJ's totally gay response time? I submitted my poem like a week ago.

Spencer Troxell said...

Your name doesn't ring a bell Anonymous. Are you sure emailed it to the right place?

Matt DiGangi said...

Andy, not implying anything other than the idea that David Shanks Shanks is a funny name.

I've spent the summer editing books and I'm very happy with that. There should be a TJ ebook in the future, but I won't start thinking about that until my next semester, which, thankfully, is still more than a month off. No official announcements pending.

Anon, Duotrope has us on the hook for five pending submissions with an average wait of 100 days. I think we're going now more for top ten in hard to get into opposed to top ten in response time. Still, email --Ed. at the submissions address if you've been waiting for more than 30 days.

andy.riverbed said...

one week and you're bitching kid? get a life. submit and forget about it. write new shit. you complaining about a week? what's gonna happen to you when you start submitting to places that take a year to reject you?